Confinity Concierge is a home management company based in and serving the Squamish area. Confinity is designed to assist people with the everyday tasks of maintaining and running a home. We deliver efficient, practical services that are customizable and provide ways and means to free up time, to create order, to stay in your home or to get the job done! Welcome to our site.

To all our Future Clients,

I have recently retired and wanted to do something fun and rewarding! I am by nature a very organized person, I love to create order out of chaos! I am detail oriented and good at getting the 'to do' list done.

I started Confinity Concierge to help people create a sense of balance in their homes and in their lives, through organization and time management. Confinity offers an assortment of services that can be employed to achieve this.

Squamish is a diverse community with lots to offer. I have seen Squamish grow and change over the years, in ways which I think are positive! People are invested and involved in creating a place where it is desirable to live. I am a long time Squamish resident. Squamish is my home! I love it here!

Colleen Finck, CEO, Confinity Concierge